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You Can Play Wordle With Your Friends, Here's How

Wordle has became incredibly popular lately, and if you haven't heard of it you likely don't have any friends. Wordle Off is the solution to that! With Wordle Off, you can play Wordle with your friends and stop living underneath that big rock.

How to play Wordle Off

The first step is to head over to http://wordleoff.net and click on "New Game." This will bring you to a page that will prompt you to send either a link or game code to the person that you want to play against. Copy the game link and send it to the person that you have the biggest crush on (so it would probably be ME!) Or one of your friends, in reality you can play with whoever you want.

As soon as the love of your life clicks the link, both players should be able to guess words just like a regular Wordle game until one player solves the puzzle. Once someone gets the word, the game ends and the person that solved the puzzle first is the winner! From there, you can either click "Again?" to play again, or click on "Share" to copy the game board to your clipboard, and the please tweet it out to me @jonyorked!

Most importantly, have fun with the game! <3
- Jon York